About Us

Pink Paws Cat Rescue is a non-profit organisation run by a network of volunteers. We cover Bingley, Keighley, Skipton and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

The mission of Pink Paws is to rescue abandoned or in need cats and find them forever families, to promote the importance of neutering, and to inform people of the consequences of abandoning animals.  

Our Team

We have a relatively small team of volunteers and fosters based in and around Bingley, Keighley and Skipton.  For further information, please click below: 

What We Do

• Seek to protect all cats and encourage people to take good care of them.
• Find foster families who will care for cats temporarily.
• Care for, vaccinate, and neuter rescued cats.
• Have the cats we rescue examined by a veterinarian and microchipped.

Why adopt a cat from the Rescue?

You can help provide a cat in need with a loving forever home. Our primary goal is to ensure that all cats get the quality of life they deserve. We want to make sure that cats don't have to face the harsh realities of being homeless, like lack of food, illness, cold, cruelty, injury, or euthanasia. By adopting a cat from us, you will be contributing to his or her well-being and you will have a companion who is eternally grateful to you. All of our cats have been examined by a vet, neutered, dewormed, defleaed microchipped and vaccinated. We are volunteers who are passionate about cats and have their best interests at heart. Because they live with our foster families, we know our cats well, so we can recommend a cat that will fit in well with you and your family.